leonardo-manHow do we know we’re doing the right thing? Are we conscious of our preferences or biases for the decisions we make and the things we do? MoralDNA™ is a psychological test that measures how we prefer to decide what’s right and what our values really are…

“Doing the right thing” is a phrase we hear constantly in the media, from politicians to pundits to business leaders. It’s a phrase that helps justify our reactions to the challenges that test us in the face of economic, social and environmental meltdown. Why do many people feel angry about “excessive” executive pay at a time when millions of ordinary people are losing their jobs and their homes? Why do we also feel empathy for those facing earthquakes and famines? Why is it we sustain strong relationships with family and friends?

The 2012 version is based on 4 years’ development and user feedback from over 50,000 English speakers in over 200 countries. It is also based on the work we do with some of the world’s leading corporations, some accused daily of doing the wrong thing; but all of them with leaders who know and understand the changes in values, decisions and behaviours they must make in order to do the right thing.

When you complete your profile, you will receive a PDF report that describes your character type. This could be Philosopher, Judge, Angel, Teacher, Enforcer or Guardian. You will see how you score against the average for human beings on three scales that measure how we prefer to do the right thing, both at work, and in our personal lives. You will also see how you compare with others on 10 moral values including Love, Fairness and Wisdom.

This public version of MoralDNA™ is FREE for personal use and for education purposes. It’s purpose is to explore human nature for the benefit of all. We are already seeing some amazing insights into differences by age, gender, nationality, politics, religion and our work. So please complete the questionnaire, share it with your family; friends and colleagues; and subscribe to this blog for weekly updates on who we are and how we decide what’s right!

Roger Steare

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