Are you an Angel, a Teacher, or a Governor?

Maybe you’re a Guardian, a Judge or a Philosopher

We make hundreds of decisions everyday. Decisions that not only impact us, but all those around us, from our families, friends and colleagues to complete strangers. The decisions we make and the actions we take really matter.

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, yet, understanding how we make up our minds means we’re more likely to do the right thing, in the right way more of the time.

Mapping how the world makes up its mind, MoralDNA results are helping us understand what influences us and what’s important to us whatever age we are, wherever we live and whatever job we do. Knowing this can help us all do better.

No one will be able to identify you through the information you give us. Anonymised and securely encrypted, it will never be passed to anyone else or used for anything other than the MoralDNA profile tool. We will never try to sell you stuff or contact you after you receive your report, unless you ask for help, and that’s a promise.

What to expect…

MoralDNA profiling only takes about about 5 minutes to complete. Before you begin we ask you to tell us as much about yourself as you’re happy to share. This is really important for our research. In return we will send you your free personalised report.

Just a few minutes to find out…

…and a lifetime to think about it!

The MoralDNA Research Project has enabled us to produce a number of in-depth reports into human morality. We are grateful to the Chartered Management Institute, EY, Oliver Wyman, PwC and The Times for their invaluable interest and support.

To the Research

Created in 2008, MoralDNA® is a world-wide research initiative led by Roger Steare, The Corporate Philosopher, in partnership with Pavlos Stampoulidis, Director of Psycholate. We’ve put lots in place to ensure your privacy and peace of mind so do read our full Privacy Policy.