In this post I try to read my own MoralDNA™ profile and use it as my ethical mirror. I hope this will help you read your own profile.

In case you have just arrived at this post from outer space, visit and do the questionnaire and get your report (it’s free). Don’t worry, I will wait. Trust me, you will learn some things about yourself.

There is one word of warning however! I am one of the two designers of this questionnaire and a psychologist, so it is more than evident that I was not unaware of how I was responding, even if it has been quite a long time since we selected these questions. But the purpose is not to describe me, but to help you read your own profile.

Before we start please: download and view my profile. I will be referring to this in the next few lines.

Personal Type

The first thing anyone sees, is their type. So let’s start with this, I am an Angel it says. Nice! Give me wings! I want to fly! Not so fast, cowboy. I could be any other type as well it says beneath. What does it mean? It means that my scores are not so different.

Screenshot-5-288x300Personal Ethics

Let’s have a look at the ethics in my personal life (page 4): Obedience 6, Care 6, Reason 6. So, some very minor differentiations made me “an Angel”. Bear in mind these minor differentiations are within the statistical error one would expect from such a measurement.

Work Ethics

Since we are at the three ethics section, let’s have a look at who I think I am at work: Care first (7), then Reason (6), then Obedience (5). That is CRO from the initials. Which means….. (go to page 3) … an Angel!

Moral Values

Now it’s time to look at the ten moral values: What have we got here? High Self Control and Honesty (both at 7).

True for Self Control, I do think things out a lot before I really act. I can be unnervingly calm. I can maintain that “poker face” at difficult times. So yes, I do agree this is like me.

As for Honesty, I am 39 years old and only lately have I managed to not tell ladies they have gained weight or that a dress they are trying makes them look fat (“less flattering” is the appropriate term – I know there are people out there that need this hint!).  To tell you the truth I am still paying the price for this honesty in many ways. But I don’t regret it. It helps me a lot when I look in the mirror.

The test also thinks I am humble (to some extent) and wise (can I use it in my CV?). Wisdom can be linked to “thinking things through”, and well, maybe yes, I can give good advice (bye-bye Humility…). To be exact, it says I am at the high end of average on these values.

For the rest of the profile, I am average, or “normal”.


The test really nailed it on most of the characteristics. I would expect a higher score for Hope and Excellence. But I need to remember, I am always comparing my own perception about myself with the perception of many others about their own selves. You see, with MoralDNA™, it’s like looking in the mirror, but you’re not holding it. The rest of us are!

If you have any questions about your profile, feel free to add these as Comments below!

Pavlos Stampoulidis