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About Pavlos Stamboulides

Pavlos is a licensed Psychologist and the founder of Psycholate, a company which has just one goal in mind - to completely transform the kind of experience which test publishers can expect from technology companies. He worked for SHL for eight years and has an enviable background in technology and psychometric testing. Pavlos also has a strong research background, with an emphasis on statistics and research methodology, and provides a range of bespoke solutions for corporate clients - see for further information on this.

Bad bosses and good bosses

Very recently Hogan Assessments published results of an internet survey of about 1000 employed persons. People were asked to describe the bad and good bosses they had worked for. compare hotels . The results are very interesting and are consistent with our own findings with MoralDNA™ which we will be sharing over the coming weeks. What […]


How to read my MoralDNA™ profile

In this post I try to read my own MoralDNA™ profile and use it as my ethical mirror. I hope this will help you read your own profile. In case you have just arrived at this post from outer space, visit and do the questionnaire and get your report (it’s free). Don’t worry, I […]


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