The MoralDNA™ Profile demonstrates that healthcare workers really do want to care for patients, but politicians and government agencies couldn’t care less

The Francis Report is due to raise serious concerns regarding the culture, leadership, values and behaviours of our Health Service and Social Care System.

The MoralDNA™ Profile is a psychometric test completed by over 75,000 people in 200 countries and measures how we prefer to decide what’s right based on the ethics of obedience, care and reason. Looking at the MoralDNA™ of healthcare workers, politicians and those working in government demonstrates clearly where the problems lie. We should let healthcare professionals get on with caring for patients rather than demand that they meet the ill-conceived and self-serving targets of politicians and bureaucrats.

MoralDNA graph illustrating ethic of care in health care v central government

MoralDNA Test results - work ethics in healthcare v central government


Roger Steare, Corporate Philosopher and Visiting Professor of Organisational Ethics at Cass Business School states that “Healthcare professionals demonstrate some of the highest ethics scores on the MoralDNA™ test, when compared to other professions. However they need to challenge the managerial and political elites who place thoughtless obedience to financial and other targets as more important than the quality of patient care.”

MoralDNA™ as been in development for 5 years and has been completed by over 75,000 people in over 200 countries. Several major corporations now use MoralDNA™ to monitor, challenge and improve the judgement and behaviour of their leaders and employees.

Find out about your MoralDNA – what values and ethics you live and work by.  Take the test.


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