What to expect…

MoralDNA profiling only takes about about 10 minutes to complete. Before you begin we ask you to tell us as much about yourself as you’re happy to share. This is really important for our research. In return we will send you your free personalised report.

Research not sales

It is up to you what personal data you share with us. But, rest assured, we only ever share anonymized data (this means you cannot be identified) with our research partners.

Just so we’re clear, your name and email (if given):

  • Will not be shared with third parties.
  • Will not be used in advertising or marketing.
  • Will be deleted after one year.
  • May be used to offer you the chance of retest ONLY.

Just before you begin the questionnaire, please read about how we look after your data here

If you want your name on your report, please type it here. It is optional and you can leave this blank
If you want to be in touch, please type your email here. It is optional and you can leave this blank
[  ] I have read MoralDNA’s Privacy and Data Statement and am happy to continue with the MoralDNA profile questionnaire.