TeacherCurrently, 19% of people completing the MoralDNA™ profile are Teachers. First of all, if you’ve taken the test and received the Teacher profile this certainly does not mean you should start teaching language and maths to other people’s children! What it does mean is that your primary concern is the Ethic of Care. This suggests your decision-making is based predominantly on emotional intelligence or empathy.

For you, moral dilemmas and tough decisions arise when there are no nice alternatives or clever solutions. Something will have to be sacrificed. Your primary concern is to not harm other people, which is, of course, generally a good thing.

Your next concern will be the Ethic of Obedience to “rules”.  That means you will try to not break the law or rules and regulations that may tell us what we must or must not do.

Your final concern is the Ethic of Reason – how your decision will resonate with the “rational” moral values and principles such as fairness, wisdom and self-control. In other words the spirit of the law.

Given the order of these preferences, we would suggest you stop and think twice about the Ethic of Reason and how a more objective and rational approach to decision-making might help you take a more balanced approach.

I hope you’ve also read the small print in your report which mentions how accurate this characterization is. This accuracy  is calculated on how different your preferences are for the three ethics of Care, Obedience and Reason. The bigger the differences, the more accurate this characterization is. If in your case there aren’t big differences, then read this with caution!