Very recently Hogan Assessments published results of an internet survey of about 1000 employed persons. People were asked to describe the bad and good bosses they had worked for. compare hotels . The results are very interesting and are consistent with our own findings with MoralDNA™ which we will be sharing over the coming weeks.

What makes a bad boss bad? Most people find the following personal, moral qualities to be lacking:

  • 52% are described as Arrogant (i.e. lacking in Humility and Love),
  • 50% as Manipulative (lacking in Fairness and Love),
  • 49% Emotionally Volatile (lacking in Self Control),
  • 48% Micromanaging (lacking in Trust),
  • 44% Passive Aggressive (lacking in Honesty), and
  • 42% Distrustful of Others (again lacking in Trust).

What makes a good boss great? Surprise, surprise! Personal moral qualities rule again:

  • 81% Trustworthy (Trust)
  • 64% Calm under Pressure (Self Control)
  • 63% Responsible (Trust)
  • 59% Inspirational (a mixture of Hope and Wisdom is needed for that)
  • 48% Good at Business Strategy (Excellence)
  • 47% Tactful (a specific type of Care for others)

So make no mistake, leadership qualities are human, moral qualities.  If you want to develop leaders, you need to develop morally mature and responsible people. Intellect is good, but moral character makes all the difference.