Is politics as morally bankrupt as it seems?

“Politics have no relation to morals” – Niccolo Machiavelli As the lobbying scandal delivers the latest body blow to the public’s trust and confidence in the political system, it seems hard to disagree with Machiavelli’s suggestion that politics have no relation to morals. Examples of such wrongdoing are so prevalent amongst the political elite that […]

Hope: Who Has It? Who Needs It?

At first it may appear a little surprising that ‘hope’ is included on the list of moral values tested within the MoralDNA™ Profile.  After all, can someone’s judgment on how full or how empty their metaphorical glass is, impact upon their wider moral outlook and occupation? The answer is, yes it can and does. Hope […]

“Who should you trust?

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” Ernest Hemingway What makes someone trustworthy?  We trust people every day: the teacher, the policeman, the nurse; a host of acquaintances and complete strangers as we go about our lives and work. But who considers themselves most trustworthy? If we […]

When it Comes to Work, Who Cares?

What happens when good people go to work?  From the shop floor to the boardroom, the factory, office block, studio, café and classroom, through the MoralDNA™ Profile we’re discovering more about who bring brings the milk of human kindness to work in their packed lunch and who leaves their humanity, along with their coat, at […]

All in an Honest Day’s Work

“Cretans, always liars”, so reckoned Epimenides of Crete in around the 6th century BC. Have the fibbing Cretans changed their habits or are we, as a society, still playing fast and loose with the truth today? In a recent survey by People Management, one third of their poll* of HR professionals believed that they were […]

Bad bosses and good bosses

Very recently Hogan Assessments published results of an internet survey of about 1000 employed persons. People were asked to describe the bad and good bosses they had worked for. compare hotels . The results are very interesting and are consistent with our own findings with MoralDNA™ which we will be sharing over the coming weeks. What […]


How to read my MoralDNA™ profile

In this post I try to read my own MoralDNA™ profile and use it as my ethical mirror. I hope this will help you read your own profile. In case you have just arrived at this post from outer space, visit and do the questionnaire and get your report (it’s free). Don’t worry, I […]

What’s your MoralDNA™?

How do we know we’re doing the right thing? Are we conscious of our preferences or biases for the decisions we make and the things we do? MoralDNA™ is a psychological test that measures how we prefer to decide what’s right and what our values really are… “Doing the right thing” is a phrase we […]


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